1 1/2 acres of Beautiful California Land now for only $11999 or best offer (702) 769-6904
This is an impressive 1 ½ acres of beautiful California Land. This will be ideal for your recreational retreat, homestead or retirement estate. Access from the local road is very easy! This is especially important if you are going to build or if you would like to just pull your RV off the road and visit for a while...

The property is surrounded by a magnificent forest and more vacant space!! There are over 1,471,817 acres of National Forest Land at your back of the vacant land.

It was incredible! This property has the best of all worlds! Whether you are looking for a place to camp under the stars, hunt a prize buck, or build your vacation/retirement/permanent hideaway...


For the NATURE ENTHUSIAST, you will be able to hike, camp, clearly put…enjoy nature! There are many acres of nearby land with trails, trees, ravines and creeks to be explored. There are many animals to be seen and incredible photographic opportunities!


Look at the  savings when you think about the cost of land in California. Also, remember how close you are to Reno, Nevada!!

Last, but definitely not least,  the smart investor! This property is a great investment! The property is located near major attractions such as “The Pit River” is the largest river in northeastern California and drains that section of the state and enters the Sacramento River at Shasta Lake. Fall River Mills, California, adjacent to the river is the Pit River Campground, one of the unique and beautiful camping areas around. “Surprise Valley National Back Country Byway.

Location, Location!!!! This property is located only hours from many, many local attractions yet far enough to remain secluded.


Real estate appreciates over time and at a much quicker pace than inflation! This is a sound strategic investment not only in your suitable portfolio but also your peace of mind!!

This is Quality Land and will alone create an awesome investment!!!